Our History

Our History

Scott and Ann Parsons founded Reliable Land Title Corporation in 1999 to create a title and closing company with a local focus and national caliber expertise. Bringing nearly 90 years of collective experience together, they hired the best and brightest and employ the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff in Florida.

Reliable has invested in Navarre by purchasing 3,600 square feet of Class A office space for closing operations as well as administration. We also have a closing office in historic, downtown Pensacola.

For our title company to succeed, we must not only develop trust with our customers, we must also provide a skilled, experienced staff from day one. The title business is cyclical and can be rocky. When we open an office, we are making a long-term commitment to the community. We pledge to serve our area with devotion and dedication, one property at a time.

The owners and employees of Reliable take pride in the strides we’ve made, offering competitive service. But more importantly, we’re proud of the growth we’ve achieved, allowing us to better serve our communities. We look forward to continuing this growth into the future.

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